“I’d be a terrible secret agent. I can’t keep a secret and I’m not sneaky.”

This quote by Katherine Heigl is one that I ran into last week when I was looking into secret agent stuff. I thought this quote was funny and relatable, so when I found the “Quote Me On That” assignment I figured it would be a good one to talk about! It’s also a bonus that it fits with the course theme.

Let me tell you… I would be the worst secret agent. I wouldn’t say that I am bad at keeping secrets, but I am HORRIBLE at lying. Like just awful. I lose any game that involves bluffing and struggle to keep things from people if they ask me for information that I know. I am also one of the clumsiest people you will ever meet. I trip over nothing all the time, and my friends laugh at me for stumbling over a completely flat piece of ground or losing my balance when I’m standing still.

So yeah… secret agent would definitely not be at the top of my list of recommended professions. However, it’s fun to pretend along for the course that I am a super stealthy secret agent who goes on all sorts of important missions and can keep any secret. The great thing about digital storytelling is that it doesn’t have to be true to life!