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And Just Like That, It’s Over

I still can’t believe that this was the final week of DS106! I have to say that I am relieved. This class has been a lot of work! However, I am glad that I decided to take it. I have gained so many valuable skills that I will continue to use in various aspects of my life.

For my final project, I completed a mission as my character, Mia. The mission was to recruit and train new DS106 students. I did this by using various medias (audio, design, writing, etc.) to create different promotional and educational materials. As I completed the project, I realized how far I have come in DS106. For the one assignment in particular, where I looked back over some of the work that I had done, I realized the vast amount of information and skills that I have gained. You can find the final project here!

This has been a great class, and I have appreciated all the things I learned, along with the fact that it took me out of my comfort zone and got me to try new things. I am definitely better at expressing myself creatively online than I was before I started. DS106 #4life!

Progress Report – Week 13

This week, I continued to plan out my final project and began preparing to work with the various kinds of media that I will need. For the project, I will be using my character, Mia, who has recently been given the mission of recruiting and training new ds106 students.

I will use design skills to create posters advertising ds106 and its many benefits. I will also create an audio production, giving many tips and tricks to future students to help them succeed in the class. I will also design a poster with a summary of my tips. I will write a blog post summarizing the many helpful things that ds106 teaches students, and give examples of projects that might be completed. All of this will be done in character.

I definitely have a lot of work cut out for myself! I have already started working on multiple projects, but I will wait to share them until next week. Until then, I look forward to continuing my final project. I can’t believe there’s only one week of ds106 left!

Week 12 is Done… the End is Near!

I can’t believe we’re getting ready to start our final project and come to the end of DS106! I didn’t realize until today that this was our last week of normal assignments for this class. This week was an interesting one… I wasn’t exactly sure what mashups and remixes would entail at the beginning of the week, but I figured it out as I went.

I did a mix of remix and mashup assignments this week – 10 stars worth of mashups and two remixes. The first had me mashup a scene and a prop from two famous movies. For the second assignment, I replaced the logo of one brand with the logo of another. The third had me take multiple steps to edit a photo. For the fourth assignment, I did a mashup of two posters from different movies. The fifth assignment had me go back to a previous assignment and remix it, which completely changed the feel of the image. I also wrote a tutorial on the movie poster mashup assignment.

I also spent some more time this week thinking about the final project. Before I knew what the final project was going to be, it seemed to loom menacingly at me from the syllabus. However, once I learned that we were able to create our own projects and base them on our characters and the work we have been doing throughout the semester, I got excited! The wrote a post about some of my remixed ideas for the final project. I am actually looking forward to the final project. I know that it will be a lot of work, but I think that it will also be a lot of fun, as well as a great reflection on the semester and an opportunity to use the skills that I have learned.

I also completed three daily creates this week.

I am hoping to start working on the project over the weekend and finish the semester strong!

Mission 11: Complete

This week was a second week of video, and I’m glad that we had two. My video skills definitely improved as I moved forward, and I had fun creating the content that I did this week. This has been a great way of combining design, audio, and video, and using the resources and information that I have gained throughout the semester.

I did four video assignments this week, which came to a total of 12 stars. The assignments were challenging, and I definitely learned a lot. For the first assignment, I spelled a secret message using sign language. I made a video tutorial for the second assignment. For the third assignment, I reversed a video and added some other fun stuff to it. The fourth assignment had me tell a story using flashcards. I also completed a post where I gave an idea for our final mission.

There were also three daily creates that I did this week.

Overall, I had a good week. It’s hard to believe this class is coming to an end! I am looking forward to the final mission, and I am proud of the work that I have accomplished so far.

So Long Week 10

This week was a culmination of many of the things we have been learning in DS106 this semester, from sound to design. The assignments were video based, and we spent time looking at cinematic camera work and the ways that films are made. After reading/watching various articles and videos, I created this video essay that analyzed a scene from a movie.

I also completed a character interview, where I answered various recorded questions with my own video answers. This was an intimidating assignment when I first saw it, but I realized that my previous work in DS106 prepared me well for this week of assignments.

This week, I also completed 10 stars of video assignments. For the first assignment, I took videos frequently throughout a day and made them in to a final glimpse of a day in my life. The second assignment had me take 30 minutes of footage of myself working and speed it up into a 90 second time lapse. For the third assignment, I took videos of the different places that my feet walk throughout the day. I made my own assignment to complete the rest of my 10 stars. I created a video with some of my favorite memories from college this year. This was fun, and I’ll try to create some other assignments in the future.

I also completed some daily creates this week. For the first time, I actually went over the required amount. I was going to be two and then be done, but it was Tolkien Reading Day and I couldn’t resist responding to that prompt as well (I absolutely love Tolkien).

This week wasn’t particularly hard, but it was extremely time consuming. It’s a good thing I got started early on my assignments, because this definitely wasn’t the kind of work that you can do at the last minute. I am looking forward to creating more videos next week as my skills improve. I love seeing how the work I’ve been doing all semester is really coming together to form stories that I am proud to tell.

Summary… Week 5

I read in some of my fellow classmates’ posts that this week seemed easier to them, but it was a challenging one for me! This is mostly because I had crazy weeks in a lot of my other classes, but I still thought that some that the assignments this week took me a bit longer than usual.

One of the first things I did this week was tune in to DS106 radio on Tuesday night. This was a lot of fun, and you can read about my experience here.

An assignment that I was worried about but ended up being pretty cool was the web storytelling assignment, which you can read about here.

This week, we mixed things up with the daily creates and I made a story with the three that I did, which you can find here.

I also did 8 stars worth the web assignments this week. The first one had me planning my dream vacation. The second one had me tell a story using GIFS. The third one had me go on a photo adventure.

I also redid an assignment this week, which was nice, since I wasn’t completely satisfied with the original assignment. I ended up liking my second try a lot more. You can find it here.

I’m looking forward to next week and getting into video storytelling, which I haven’t experimented much with before now. It’s hard to believe we’re already on week 10!

Week 8 Summary

This week ended up being a lot more enjoyable than I had expected! Creating a radio show was a lot of fun, and allowed me to experiment with the audio skills that I have learned so far. My group mates and I worked really well together and created a final product that I am proud of. I wrote this blog post explaining some of the details behind our show being created.

We didn’t have any star assignments this week, but I did complete a couple of daily creates. You can see them below.

And last but definitely not least… the radio show! This was a group project that I was a little skeptical of at first, but it ended up being a good experience! I ended up with great group members, and we together chose a theme for the show that I thought was really interesting. I am happy with our final product, and can’t wait for it to be played on ds106 radio next week!

Week 7, Check!

This week was a crazy one for me, with projects in multiple classes as well as midterms and other commitments. As I mentioned in my post for the first week of the radio show, I was pretty hesitant about this group project. However, I ended up being pleasantly surprised and am actually looking forward to continuing this project.

Along with getting to know my group mates and planning out our radio show, I created a poster to advertise the show. I also completed 3 different audio assignments and surpassed the required stars. I was able to use two out of the three assignments toward the required work for the radio show, so that was nice. For the first assignment, I created a radio bumper for the show. The second assignment was to create a commercial for the radio show. For the third assignment, I created a place using just sounds.

Along with closely following the work of my group members, I also viewed and commented on other radio show blogs. Another thing that I did this week was 3 daily creates.

I am excited to continue working toward our final radio show!

Week 6 is Done!

This week was a great learning experience for me. Unlike the other things that we focused on previous weeks, I had never experimented with design. I started off the week by reading “The Vignelli Canon.” and the article A Kid’s Guide to Graphic Design by Iconic Designer Chip Kidd. These were great design resources and prompted me to think about design in a new way. I wrote this blog post as a reflection on the articles and my experience with design.

Throughout the week, I completed a design blitz, which prompted me to look for different aspects of design around me. I also did 12 stars worth of design assignments. For the first assignment, I created a bumper sticker for my character Mia. I did a character related post for my second assignment as well, where I created an invitation for a movie night she was having. For my third assignment, I talked about my favorite movie quote and designed an image that incorporated it. My fourth assignment involved designing a postcard. All of these assignments involved being creative in ways that I haven’t been before. I think that the different aspects of design I learned will be extremely beneficial for future projects.

Below are the four daily creates that I did this week.

I really enjoyed building on the skills learned through past weeks’ assignments to design things this week. Design is something that I haven’t explored much in the past, but I think learning about different aspects of design is important and will be helpful in the future. I’m glad that I had the opportunity this week to experiment with it more!

Mission 5: Complete

This week was my favorite so far. I have always loved audio storytelling. I grew up listening to a lot of Focus on the Family Radio Theatre – Oliver Twist, The Secret Garden, The Hiding Place. However, my absolute favorite production was The Chronicles of Narnia. I’m pretty sure that I listened to it enough times that I still have it memorized. Before this week, I had never thought that much about why those audio books meant so much to me as a child, but now I realize why.

In Jad Abumrad’s videos– How Radio Creates Empathy and Digital Shamanism and Old-Fashioned, Newfangled Storytelling Magic  – he talks about the empathy and connection that the radio causes us to feel. This is why I always loved The Chronicles of Narnia as a child. It wasn’t like a movie, where I was just observing that characters. I was really there with them, walking through the wardrobe and experiencing the magic of Narnia for the first time. I felt connected to the books and to the characters because I had the chance to share in their experiences.

I was able to rediscover this phenomenon as I listened to “Moon Graffiti”, another great example of audio storytelling. This blog post is my reflection on sound and audio storytelling that I wrote afterward.

Although I have always loved experiencing audio storytelling, I had never created audio myself before this week. This made me a little unsure of how the assignments would go. However, after I downloaded and experimented with Audacity for a while, I realized that I was really going to enjoy the different tasks.

I was able to tune in to ds106 radio twice this week and participate in some live “tweet-alongs.” This method of listening radio while communicating with other people was interesting. Here is my blog post that includes my thoughts and reflections on this experience.

My next task was to create a radio bumper for the station. This was a fun activity, and I am happy with my finished product. Maybe someday I’ll hear it played!

I also completed 12 stars worth of audio assignments this week. My first assignment was to take some spam and make it my own. For the second assignment, I took a normal sound and completely changed it. The third assignment was to create a story using only sound effects, which my character helped me with. The fourth assignment was to create something with a tongue twister. All of these assignments took a little more work than some have other weeks, but I didn’t mind. I really thought that experimenting with the different audio techniques was fun!

Below are my three daily creates that I did this week.

After completing the assignments and learning more about the ds106 radio, I wrote a post about a potential idea that I have for the radio show project that we have coming up.

I really enjoyed reading and commenting on my fellow classmates’ blogs this week. I also thought that the Best of ds106 form was a good idea, and made me think more about why I liked certain posts.

Learning about how sounds influence stories is important. If you were to just listen to a book being read out loud, it would be okay. But if you add sound effects, music, and different voices, you can be transported to a different world. You can hear what is happening, feel a sense of urgency or happiness based on the music, and feel connected to the story and characters.

This week was a really great one for me. I loved the fact that we were talking about something that was a big part of my childhood, which allowed me to think back on my experiences and look at things differently. Audio storytelling is something that is often not given enough credit. I’m glad that we were able to focus on it this week and learn about some of the different reasons why it is so personal and important.

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