As you can see from the above pictures, I am not a great artist. However, the “Google Draw Something” assignment was a fun one!

The assignment was to “Use Google’s drawing game to create art and have Google guess what it is! You will be given 6 items to draw and in under 20 seconds Google will try to answer it. Go to and start right away. In the end, share your art on twitter with the rest of the class.”

I was confused about how this assignment was going to work, but I followed the link to the site and began to draw. I was not thrilled with my trackpad drawing skills, but was very surprised with Google’s ability to guess what I was drawing! The way this game works is that Google stores the drawings that everyone makes, getting more and more accurate at guessing with each person that plays. Pretty cool, but also a maybe a little scary to think about how your data is kept whenever you are online.

After I played the game, I shared my results on Twitter.

This was an interesting assignment, and I enjoyed it enough that I will probably do it again sometime in the future.