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A Day in the Life of Mia Holmes

The “This Is My Story” assignment was to “Tell a short story using flashcard and record yourself. It can be something funny, sad, or just even express how your day was. “

This assignment put me at 12 stars, which was two over the required amount for the week. I decided to tell a story from the perspective of my character, Mia. You can read some background on her here. I chose to use an average morning from her life and give the viewer a taste of what it’s like to be both a librarian and a secret agent.

The first thing I did for this assignment was come up with a story and write it on flashcards. I just wrote as I came up with it, and it turned out to be easier than I was expecting to put together a story. Throughout the semester, I’ve definitely gotten better at using my character and working with the course theme.

Next I recorded myself flipping through the cards. This was hard to do, since my laptop screen showed me the cards backwards, which made it hard to judge how long I was supposed hold each card up. However, I managed to time it pretty well.

Then I edited the video using VideoPad Video Editor. I muted the volume of my recording and added a background song that I got from this website. I also added closing credits to the end of the video. You can see part of the editing process below.

After I finished editing, I downloaded the video to my computer and then uploaded it to YouTube. The finished product is below.

A (Backwards) Hop, Skip and a Jump

The “Play It Backward, Jack” assignment was to “Take a video of something in your life–someone running, the toilet flushing, the sink dripping, someone spitting, whatever–and reverse it!”

This assignment seemed pretty simple to me, so I decided to make it a little more interesting. Instead of taking a video and reversing it one time, I took a short clip and played it backwards four times right in a row. I recorded the video when I was volunteering on Wednesday with Big Brothers Big Sisters. The video is of my Little, Nadia, skipping down the hallway.

I used VSDC Free Video Editor to line up the video with a fun, almost circus sounding song from this website. It’s pretty fun to watch, since the video replaying lines up with the music. I also added closing credits to the end of the video. You can see part of the editing process below.

After I was done editing the video, I downloaded it to my computer and then uploaded it to YouTube. You can watch the finished product below!

Secret Signing

The “Signing Words” assignment required that you “take a video of yourself or someone else and finger spell a word or a phrase in Sign Language alphabet and let others guess what you have spelled.”

I used to know quite a bit of sign language, but I realized that I was a bit rusty as I was making this video. I began by looking up a chart of the ASL alphabet. Then I decided on a message to give… I chose to tie this assignment in with my character and the course theme. I’m going to let people guess what I signed, but I’ll give the answer at the end of this post!

To make the video, I recorded myself using the camera on my laptop. Then I uploaded the video to VideoPad Video Editor. I cut out the audio from the original clip and added my own background music from this website. I also added closing credits to the end of the video. You can see part of my editing process below.

After I was done editing, I downloaded the video to my computer and then uploaded it to YouTube. Here is the finished video below!

Did you guess the message? I signed “Secret Agent Mia Holmes.”

Best of UMW

For my final assignment this week, I created my own assignment! This is the first time I have done this. It was super easy to do and fun! I hope that other people will use and enjoy the assignment that I created.

The assignment, which I titled “Favorite Moments in College,” prompts the reader to “Create a video using some of your favorite pictures/videos that you have taken while in school this year! Add a wide variety of pictures from throughout the year. Make sure to add some music to the video before you post it!”

I created this assignment because I thought it would be something that people would enjoy completing, while still allowing them to learn new video editing skills. To complete the assignment, I went through all of my pictures that I had taken starting in august and picked out some of my favorites. I downloaded them and made them into a video using the video editing software on my computer. I added some background music from this site and then I was done! I uploaded the video to YouTube. You can watch the final product below! It makes me happy to watch because it brings back some great memories.

These Converse Were Made for Walking

The “Where Do Your Shoes Take You?” assignment asked “Where do your shoes take you in a day? Tell a story using a video of only your shoes! Take videos of you walking from place to place and make it into a video.”

I definitely got some weird looks while completing this assignment. Apparently it’s not normal to be walking around and taking videos of your feet. My friends informed me that it was super weird and I’m sure that the many random people who saw me thought the same.

I took 3 seconds videos of my feet while I was walking throughout the whole day. It was easy to forget sometimes since I walk around all the time. It’s not exactly an exciting activity. By the end of the day, I had a pretty large collection of videos.

I uploaded all of the videos to the video editing app on my laptop, then spliced them all together. I added a background song that I got from this site. Then I downloaded the video to my computer and uploaded it to YouTube.

I’ve noticed a theme this week that the assignments aren’t necessarily very hard, but they are time consuming. This is the third assignment I’ve completed that required me to take videos over a long period of time. This is also the third assignment that I’ve enjoyed completing! Video editing is very time consuming but also pretty fun. You can watch the finished product below!

30 Minutes of Book Repair in 90 Seconds

The instructions for the “Speed Up Your Work Day” assignment were to “Take video of yourself doing what you typically do on an average work day, and then speed it up! Start with at least 30 minutes of footage at a minimum, so as to get a good amount of video to share. Challenge yourself to complete the assignment in one single shot, then speed it up to ridiculous speeds, and toss in some music that fits the mood.”

I am a technical services student aide and the book repair supervisor at Simpson Library. My days consist of many different things, but on this particular day (Monday) I was replacing the spines of books that needed repaired. For this assignment, I took a video of the entire process of a spine replacement. The video was about 30 minutes long. I ran in to a small problem about 1/3 of the way through the video when I realized I needed to go downstairs to use the paper cutter. I turned the camera off for that one part and spliced it back together, but the rest of the video was all one take.

I used the video editor on my computer to upload and combine the videos, then I downloaded the video to my computer. While the editing software that comes with my laptop is good for very basic video editing, this assignment required a bit more. I used VSDC Free Video Editor to speed up the video from 30 minutes to 90 seconds. I really didn’t like the video editor at all. It was very clunky and hard to use, but it got the job done. I added background music that I got from this site. After I finished editing, I uploaded the video to my computer and then to YouTube.

Along with some of the other assignments this week, I really enjoyed this one. I think the final product turned out to be so satisfying to watch! It’s definitely one of the coolest assignments that I’ve done. You can watch the finished product below!

A Day in the Life of Kendall

The goal of the “A Day In The Life…” assignment was to “Take 3-5 seconds of video at the beginning of each hour or every half hour throughout the day. The time can be adjusted as long as distance between videos is consistent. The point is to experience “A Day in the Life” of YOU and everyone and everything you encounter!”

I made sure to do this assignment over the weekend so that it wouldn’t just consist of me doing homework, walking around campus, and working. The hardest part of this assignment was remembering to take videos throughout the day. I’m not usually a person who has my phone out a lot so it was strange to constantly be taking videos.

This video was taking on Saturday. It was definitely a fun day, one that I am happy to have a video to remember! I am grateful to my friends for putting up with me constantly taking videos of them.

After the day was over, I uploaded all of the videos to my computer and started to edit them using the video editor app that comes with my computer (a Dell that runs Windows 10). Each of the videos was about 5 seconds long, so the video ended up being 1 minute 14 seconds long. I spliced them all together and then added background music that I found on this site.

I downloaded the finished video to my computer and then uploaded it to YouTube. I am really happy with the finished product and will save it to look back on in the future. This assignment was so enjoyable that I will probably to it again sometime just for the fun of it. You can watch the video below!

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