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Say What??! (but more pink)

For my second remix assignment, I decided to remix an assignment that I have actually done twice before! I first did the “Who Said What” assignment in February, but reworked the assignment for this post in March. The original assignment was to “Find a picture of any secret agent you would like, preferably a fairly well-known one. Next, pick a quote from a similar secret agent character. Finally, attribute said quote to a third similar character. You want the characters you chose to be well-known but also similar enough that people would confuse them with one another.” The remix that the generator gave me was “Molly taught us all that everything is prettier in pink, so make that assignment more pink somehow, either literally or metaphorically.”

I decided to update my reworked version of the assignment for this post. The remix told me to add lots of pink… so that’s what I did! I’ll leave it up to you to decide if the image was really “prettier in pink.” I edited the picture using Canva. I changed the text to pink and found a bunch of pink elements to add. I had a lot of fun making this image look nauseatingly pink! You can see the finished image below.

The added changes definitely give the image a different feel. It’s pretty bizarre to look at the picture and the quote in contrast with the decorative features. It just goes to show how important good design is!

Be Inspired

For my first remix assignment, I chose “Pick A Bad Photo, Apply A Vintage Effect And Write Something In Helvetica” as the original post. I then remixed it with “Where’s Waldo? It.” The original assignment was to “Pick A Bad Photo, Apply A Vintage Effect And Write Something In Helvetica” and the added remix was “For this remix assignment, you want to place Waldo somewhere conspicuous in a Visual or Design Assignment or slip his name quickly into an audio assignment.”

I chose a photo that I took a few months ago. I used this photo for a daily create a few weeks ago when they asked for a boring photo. I tried to take a picture of the sunset, but it obviously didn’t turn out well. I edited the photo using the VSCO app so that it looked vintage. I used Canva to continue editing the photo. I added text to the photo from a Chinese fortune cookie that I had gotten earlier in the day. For the remix part, I found a picture of Waldo online and uploaded it to Canva. I shrunk it down and hid it in my image. Can you find it? The image ended up looking pretty bad, which was the goal of the assignment!

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