This week was all about using the ideas that we have brainstormed in the previous weeks and putting them all together! Since my last radio show post, my group mates and I decided to look at different eras of secret agent music. We split it in to older classics, newer classics, and new music. Each of us decided to use 2-3 songs in our segment of the show.

We communicated through Google sheets, which worked pretty well! We were able to discuss what we wanted the show to sound like and to give each other comments and critiques as we created our individual segments. We made sure to include all of the required bumpers and commercials. We also made a spreadsheet with the different music we had chosen to make sure there was no overlap. Many possibilities were discussed to prevent soundcloud from blocking our show based on copyright. We went with a mix of covers and song clips to try to keep our show online.

I focused on music from the early 2000s and beyond. I picked songs from 3 different movies. I used audacity to clip the songs and create a show by combining different audio elements that I had recorded with songs clips/bumpers/commercials. In total, I used 13 different audio clips to create my part of the show! I’m pretty comfortable with audacity at this point, and it was fun to use all the skills I’ve learned in the previous weeks.

We shared all of our individual work in our Google sheet before putting it all together. Our radio show ended up being about 30 minutes. At the beginning of this project, I wondered how we would possibly have enough content for a whole radio show. Turns out, we could definitely have made it a lot longer! I am proud of the final product, and hope that people will enjoy listening to it. You can find the completed radio show below.