I was excited for this week, since we had just finished all of our radio shows! I was looking forward to listening to everyone else’s show and hearing all the ideas and work that had been put into the project. Unfortunately, I was only able to tune in on Tuesday night, since I had prior commitments on Monday and Wednesday. This was still a lot of fun! I was able to hear the show I had worked on being broadcast , and it was great to see everyone’s reactions to it! People seemed to enjoy the show, and I was proud of the ideas and work that Brandon and Ryan and I had put into it.

The night had a bit of a theme, since the other radio show that was played also had to do with music. While our radio show focused on secret agent music throughout the years, “Secret Agent Hip/Hop Hour” looked at hip-hop and some of the similarities between hip-hop artists and secret agents. The show was really relaxed and sounded like listening to a podcast. The only critique I have is that the audio quality was pretty low. It sounded like the show was recorded all at once on the same device, and there was no background music behind the discussion. Other than that, a lot of great elements were used! I especially liked the commercials. They were creative and funny, definitely not what I was expecting!

After both shows were played, my group mates and I were able to go on air through Google hangouts. This was a really cool experience, and it was fun to be able to answer questions about our show!

Here are some of my tweets from when I was listening to “Secret Agent Hip/Hop Hour.”