After reading through the articles for this week, I was interested in looking for some examples of the things they talked about. I decided to focus on the movie Atomic Blonde. I was able to find quite a few of the different points of storytelling in images by looking at stills from the movie.

I think good cinematography in movies adds a lot to the stories they are trying to tell. In a movie with bad cinematography, everything has to be explained through the plot and characters, since you can’t tell what the images are trying to say. In a movie with good cinematography, so much more can be done just through images. Feelings and concepts are conveyed more clearly based on the different aspects of storytelling used in the images. Below are a few examples of the great cinematography in the movie Atomic Blonde.

This picture is a good example of contrast. There is contrast between light and dark, along with the contrast of the small people and the huge windows behind them.
The light, angle, and wide lens in this photo create a lot of visual depth.
I thought this still was a cool use of perspective.
This picture is definitely a moment. It tells a story and you know exactly what is going to happen.
I thought this photo was balanced really well. There is a lot going on, but the elements are used in a way that is not overwhelming.
This still shows a foreground/background. The camera is focused on the shoe, but you can still see enough of the background to know what it is and that it’s an important part of the story.