My name is Kendall Resnick, and I am a freshman at UMW. I am planning on majoring in Communications and Digital Studies and minoring in Social Justice. My domain is, which is simple, easy to remember, and represents me as a person. I was required to set up a domain a few weeks ago for an online class that I have, so I have already been experimenting with it a bit. I did not set up a subdomain for this class. I am also using my blog for my other digital class, and I wanted to have all the posts on the same blog. Instead, I will be differentiating my posts by category (every post for this class will be in the Intro to Digital Studies category). I installed WordPress because I thought it was a good choice for the kind of work I will be doing in this class and because I had some prior experience with it. I did not connect my domain to any of my other digital identities because I am not sure how to do that, but I look forward to learning about it! This semester I am looking forward to finding new ways of expressing myself creatively and digitally. I plan on using the techniques and information I learn in this class to strengthen my skills as a student and to support my future career goals.