When we first started our project, I wasn’t sure how it would work logistically, since the question we chose was one that had a definite answer. However, instead of focusing on whether the claim was true or false, we decided to focus on the significance of our topic. The question that my group chose was “Did Robert E. Lee’s descendant denounce white supremacy at the VMAs?” The answer to this was immediately yes. There are many videos and articles about the event that prove that it really happened. We decided to explore the significance of the statement, the reactions to the statement, and the relevance of it in our society.

Robert Lee IV’s speech was highly controversial and sparked a lot of debate. There are many articles online that discuss what happened, but the process of going upstream from the Web Literacy textbook led us to the original source, this tweet from MTV, which shows the original video from the VMAs. In the comment section, you can see that there are many hateful and angry remarks. There was also a backlash from the members of the church that Robert Lee IV was the pastor of, resulting in his resignation.

These are both examples of the reasons why his statement was important. Racism and the ideals of white supremacists are still common in our society. This is why his speech, although it was almost two years ago, is still circulating and controversial.

These are some of the different things that my group researched and learned as we were doing the project. It was interesting to focus on these aspects of the question and to use the skills we had learned in class and through the homework to get to the bottom of the speech and learn the reasons behind it. I searched for and read a lot of articles for this topic, and there is definitely a lot of information out there. It was important to find the accurate details and get to the bottom of the source. The skills that I learned through completing this project are very helpful and will definitely be used again in the future.