My goal for the digital culture module was to learn more about blogging and experiment with different types of blog posts. I wanted to blog 2-3 times a week, and this ended up being my 5th blog for the 1 ½ weeks that I worked on this project. I blogged more than 10 times overall, but many of those blogs were for my other class, so I’m not counting them for this project.

I wrote various different kinds of blog posts. For the first post, I talked about how food and my ethnic history have intertwined throughout my life and about how food has gone along with many major events in my life.

For the second post, I went on a photo journey of my college experience so far. It was so fun to look back through all of my pictures! I found multiple photos that I had forgotten about.

The third post was a collection of some different quotes that have been meaningful to me lately. I thought that this might be a fun blog post to do regularly. It would be interesting in the future to look back on the different quotes that I chose at different times and to see what was going on in my life that caused me to choose the ones that I did.

Going into this module, I have to admit that I was a little nervous. I am currently in another class that I blog 5-10 times a week for, so doing even more blogging seemed overwhelming. However, I ended up really enjoying the project. Although I really don’t have time to continue blogging regularly, it is something that I would love to do again sometime in the future.

I also downloaded Google Analytics and installed the Monster Insights plugin. These programs allowed me to track the number of people visiting my site every day, along with how many people read each post. I actually had more readers than I was expected, with almost 20 different people viewing my blog during the time of the project. A lot of this has to do with the fact that my blog is connected to a feed for my other class, but I still had some views on my blogs for this project.

the visitor stats for my blog

Overall, I am happy with how this project went. I ended up both learning more and enjoying it more than I had expected. It was also nice to be in a group with other people and to be able to talk to them about their progress and to help each other out. I understand now why people enjoy blogging so much. It’s like being able to look back on your life and see the things that you have worked toward and are proud of.