The instructions for the “Make Noise From a Normal Sample” assignment were to “Make Noise!! The title is pretty self explanatory. Take a recognizable song or sound, and then turn it into a completely unrecognizable sound. For example, take a dog barking and make it sound like tv static. This can be accomplished using any DAW (digital audio workspace, for those unaware) or some online audio editor.”

First, I went to and found an audio clip to use. I chose this sound of a ticking clock. Then I uploaded the clip to Audacity and experimented with it! There were lots of different options to change it around. This was a great assignment to help me learn how to navigate Audacity and explore my options for future assignments. My final product is below. I think it ended up sounding kind of like the ocean combined with some weird scary sound from a movie. It definitely sounds nothing like the original clip!