When I first looked at the schedule for this week, I have to admit that I was a little nervous. It looked like a lot more work than last week, and I wasn’t too sure how I felt about the assignment bank. Reading this post about how to write up assignments didn’t make me feel much better, because it seemed pretty complicated. However, when I looked at the assignment bank I was pleasantly surprised. A lot of the assignments were actually very interesting, and definitely were not the type of assignments I was expecting.

I was also a bit nervous about doing four of the daily creates, especially since I forgot to do any of them last weekend! A few of the daily creates this week were a little out of my comfort zone but I was happy to be trying new things.

One of my favorite daily creates. I love both MLK quotes and volunteering!
I haven’t made any memes before, so this was a new experience for me.
This was TOTALLY out of my comfort zone. I rarely ever experiment with drawing, and am not good at it, but this was still fun to make.
I liked this daily create. This is one of my favorite pictures that I’ve taken.

This week I was surprised by the wide variety of assignment bank options available, and I am looking forward to completing more of them throughout the year. The first assignment that I completed both reminded me of my childhood and fit with our secret agent theme. I thought that the second assignment was interesting enough that I had a few of my friends try it! The third assignment was a little more complicated than the other two, but I was still happy with the finished product.

I also spend a lot of time working on improving the look of my blog this week, and trying to make it easier to use. I also made some future plans to continue to improve it in the next few weeks.

This week, I tried to be more engaged with the other people in this course. I made a point to check the ds106 flow every day and keep myself updated on what other people were working on. I found other people’s posts very interesting, and will continue to check the flow regularly. I also searched for the #ds106 tag on Instagram and followed quite a few other people in this class.

Just a few of the people I found and followed this week.

I followed the hashtag #ds106 on both Instagram and Twitter, which made it easier to find the work of other students in the class.

One of the other things I did was respond to the question of the week on Slack. This was one of my least favorite things, because I don’t know a lot about the secret agent genre, which made it hard to find an example to use.

I found something to talk about, even though it was a little unusual.

In summary, this week was challenging but fun. I am looking forward to all of the other things I will get to experiment with through this class. I think that I will have a lot of fun trying new things, although I am still a little concerned about the workload. However, I am sure that I will be able to face the different challenges in this class as I get to them! I look forward to continuing to improve my skills and get to know the other students in the class.