This week was a crazy one for me, with projects in multiple classes as well as midterms and other commitments. As I mentioned in my post for the first week of the radio show, I was pretty hesitant about this group project. However, I ended up being pleasantly surprised and am actually looking forward to continuing this project.

Along with getting to know my group mates and planning out our radio show, I created a poster to advertise the show. I also completed 3 different audio assignments and surpassed the required stars. I was able to use two out of the three assignments toward the required work for the radio show, so that was nice. For the first assignment, I created a radio bumper for the show. The second assignment was to create a commercial for the radio show. For the third assignment, I created a place using just sounds.

Along with closely following the work of my group members, I also viewed and commented on other radio show blogs. Another thing that I did this week was 3 daily creates.

I am excited to continue working toward our final radio show!