I started this week confidently, feeling like I was finally getting into the swing of the class. I knew how to plan my time, schedule my assignments, and finish all the work according to schedule. On Saturday, I started working on the assignments, which was earlier than I had begun the other weeks. Sadly though, life doesn’t always go the way you want it, and I got sick part way through the week. Let me tell you, creative writing gets a lot harder when you have a fever!

Aside from all that, this week was really great! It was fun to be able to immerse myself in the theme and get invested in the character that I created. I also enjoyed reading/commenting on other people’s work this week, along with receiving comments on my own. It’s nice to know that other people appreciate the work that I am doing, and some of the comments were also helpful.

The daily creates were easier this week since I’ve gotten into the flow of doing them. I’m interested to see how I progress on these through the rest of the semester. It will be fun to look back on all of the work that I have consistently done and see how my creativity and skills have grown.

I read the chapter “Storytelling for the 21st Century” and watched Vonnegut on The Shapes of Stories, preparing myself to evaluate a movie that fit with our theme based on the storytelling techniques discussed. I chose the movie “A Shot in the Dark”, and summarized all of my work in this post.

I was a little hesitant as a began to work on my character dossier, because I didn’t really have any ideas. I shouldn’t have worried though, because once I started working on it, everything seemed to come together. You can learn more about my character here.

The assignments this week were a little different, since they were all from the same category. I enjoyed going through all of the assignments and finding ones that I was interested in and added up to 10 stars. The first assignment I did was pretty simple, but allowed me to think further about which story I wanted to analyze and who I wanted my character to be. The second assignment made me reflect on my childhood… I even had my mom dig up an old picture to send me for the post! The third assignment had me think back to freshman move-in day, which was interesting. The fourth assignment made me a little emotional as a tried to summarize some of the things I wanted to say to my mom.

Another thing I did this week was respond to the questions of the week on slack. I thought the prompts were interesting, and it was fun to hear about other people’s takes on them.

This week felt more involved than others. I liked being more immersed in the theme and starting to experiment more with my storytelling abilities. I also began to recognize certain people in the class this week and the work they put out. It’s nice that even though this is an online class, I feel connected with the other students. I look forward to getting to know people even better as we move forward.