This week was a culmination of many of the things we have been learning in DS106 this semester, from sound to design. The assignments were video based, and we spent time looking at cinematic camera work and the ways that films are made. After reading/watching various articles and videos, I created this video essay that analyzed a scene from a movie.

I also completed a character interview, where I answered various recorded questions with my own video answers. This was an intimidating assignment when I first saw it, but I realized that my previous work in DS106 prepared me well for this week of assignments.

This week, I also completed 10 stars of video assignments. For the first assignment, I took videos frequently throughout a day and made them in to a final glimpse of a day in my life. The second assignment had me take 30 minutes of footage of myself working and speed it up into a 90 second time lapse. For the third assignment, I took videos of the different places that my feet walk throughout the day. I made my own assignment to complete the rest of my 10 stars. I created a video with some of my favorite memories from college this year. This was fun, and I’ll try to create some other assignments in the future.

I also completed some daily creates this week. For the first time, I actually went over the required amount. I was going to be two and then be done, but it was Tolkien Reading Day and I couldn’t resist responding to that prompt as well (I absolutely love Tolkien).

This week wasn’t particularly hard, but it was extremely time consuming. It’s a good thing I got started early on my assignments, because this definitely wasn’t the kind of work that you can do at the last minute. I am looking forward to creating more videos next week as my skills improve. I love seeing how the work I’ve been doing all semester is really coming together to form stories that I am proud to tell.