This week, we were supposed to do three daily creates and then tie them together in a story. At first I was a little confused about how this was going to work. The daily creates are often pretty unusual and don’t really have anything to do with each other. However, after I posted all three, I realized that there was something I could use to tie them together. I probably could have other weeks too, but I’ve never paid attention to how the stories I was telling through my daily creates were connected.

This story starts out with a girl who felt hopeless and alone in the shadows, unsure if her life had a purpose. Then one day, something changed. There was a spark inside of her, a new hope that things would be okay.

With this new hope, she decided to live her life to the full, enjoying every moment and rejoicing in the beauty of the mundane.

She used this renewed passion for life to help people, finding that only through serving others could she experience true joy and light. She wouldn’t let her past define her, but would instead use her experiences to encourage others to step out of the shadows and experience the magnificence of life.