I was pretty hesitant as we started the radio show project. I’m sure all of us have had some bad experiences with group projects. Since this was a group project for an online course, I have to admit that I was expecting the worst. However, things have been going great so far! My group mates and I have been communicating well and often, weighing the pros and cons of different ideas, and working to split up the work evenly.

For our show, we will be listening to and talking about music from different spy flicks. We will be discussing our favorite songs and giving the audience information about them. We are also going to look into having some kind of story thread running throughout and relating to our characters. We have already created 3 bumpers and 3 commercials for our show, so it’s definitely coming together.

Throughout the next two weeks, we will be discussing and confirming the list of songs that we want to talk about the and kind of commentary that we want to have. I think this project will be a challenging one, but also very interesting! I look forward to creating our final project.