I have never had any form of photography training, but this hasn’t stopped me from taking lots of pictures. While I am definitely not the person who is constantly photographing everything they see, I will usually take a few pictures every day.

I think of pictures as memories. I take pictures of things that mean something to me… a scene that I find beauty in, a moment with friends, or anything that I want to look back on and remember. I don’t share many of my pictures with anyone else. All of my pictures are taken on my phone, which has a great camera.

I don’t really have a specific approach to taking photos since I just take them whenever/however I feel like it. However, there are certain times that I do try to capture a particular feeling or meaning in my photos. Once again, this is mostly for my own personal use. When I am taking the photo I consider what it will be like to look back on it in the future and base how I take it on that. I think that I am pretty successful, and greatly enjoy looking back on pictures that I have taken over the years.

I realize that there are many things that I can learn about photography. Since I don’t have a lot of free time, learning new photography tactics hasn’t been at the top of my list. However, I am happy about this opportunity to learn more about photography and improve my skills.

I thought that many of the suggestions from the Becoming a Better Photographer article were helpful. I think that following these tips will cause me to be more mindful about the photos I take and result in a product that I am happier with. I also thought that the Photography and Narrative article was very interesting. I have never thought that much before about how including/excluding certain elements of a photo can change the context and narrative. Images tell stories based on the people, events, and context. Whenever you take a picture, you are deciding which story you want to tell. This isn’t something that I’ve put much thought into before. As a go forward, I am going to consider how the stories I want to tell will be affected by the pictures that I take.