Last week, I wrote a post with some ideas for our final mission. I am still planning on sticking with my ideas, but I have a few new plans. Instead of recruiting and training new DS106 agents, I think my final mission should be recruiting and training new DS106 students. Since the theme of the class in the fall will be different, I think it’s important to make content that can be carried over.

The content will not be secret agent themed, but it will still be my character providing the information as one of her own missions. I would still like to “design posters, make radio commercials, and create other outreach information.” I think it would still be great idea to give highlight of the class, descriptions of expected work, and lots of tips for assignments and time management.

I am excited to work on this project! I think it will be a great reflection on the semester, as well as a wonderful way to use the skills that I have learned.