We’ve completed so many missions throughout the semester that it’s surprising how long it took me to come up with a new idea! After thinking it over for awhile, I ended up with some plans that I am actually really excited about. Hopefully I will be able to complete them!

For the mission, I would like to focus on recruiting and training new DS106 agents. We could design posters, make radio commercials, and create other outreach information. We could make videos encouraging people to join the mission, and give highlights of DS106 and the kinds of projects and assignments that it includes.

We could also make videos or design posters and blogs with tips on completing assignments, doing write-ups, and managing time for future DS106 agents. This could actually be used for future DS106 students. I think something similar would have been extremely helpful for me as I was starting the class.

We could make the videos and design the other projects from the perspectives of our characters. If multiple people chose to work on the project together, the different characters could interact. I think this would be a great reflection for all of us, and also a great way for us to practice using the skills that we have learned throughout the semester.