This week was a second week of video, and I’m glad that we had two. My video skills definitely improved as I moved forward, and I had fun creating the content that I did this week. This has been a great way of combining design, audio, and video, and using the resources and information that I have gained throughout the semester.

I did four video assignments this week, which came to a total of 12 stars. The assignments were challenging, and I definitely learned a lot. For the first assignment, I spelled a secret message using sign language. I made a video tutorial for the second assignment. For the third assignment, I reversed a video and added some other fun stuff to it. The fourth assignment had me tell a story using flashcards. I also completed a post where I gave an idea for our final mission.

There were also three daily creates that I did this week.

Overall, I had a good week. It’s hard to believe this class is coming to an end! I am looking forward to the final mission, and I am proud of the work that I have accomplished so far.