This is a tutorial for how to do the “Movie Mashup” assignment. The assignment instructs you to “Take a movie that you really like.  Now think of a movie that has been compared to it, and make a new movie poster that incorporates the two!” I will go through my process step by step and show you how I completed this assignment.

First things first, decide on two movies that are similar and you want to mashup. For my assignment, I chose two secret agent movies, which goes with the class theme. I looked up posters from both movies and decided how I was going to edit them. I found a poster from the Bourne Identity that I decided to use.

I studied how the poster was designed, and then found an image similar to the one on the poster.

I decided to use Canva to edit the image. Canva is an extremely useful tool that I would recommend for any kind of design project. I opened Canva and clicked on “Card” in the “Create a Design” section, since the card shape is what I wanted for my design.

I clicked on uploads, which is on the left side of the screen. Then I uploaded the picture to Canva and began my editing process.

As you can see in the poster picture, there is both text and white lines on the original. I searched for “white line” in elements, which gave me the thick white line below.

I shrunk two lines down to the size that I wanted and lined them up with the + in the photo.

Then I started working on the text. As you can see on the original poster that says “THE BOURNE IDENTITY,” some of the words are bolded and larger than others. For my mashup poster, I wrote “MISSION” in big bold letters.

I followed that by writing “IMPOSSIBLE” with unbolded letters. I also lined the O up with the +, similar to the original.

After I was done editing, I saved the photo to my computer.

And that’s all! I posted the assignment normally, making sure to use the right tags. You can find my assignment here.