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When you first saw my title, were you confused? I’m guessing you probably were! What you see is an example of a secret code I came up with for the “Create Your Own Cipher” assignment. The assignment was to
“Create your own cipher, a system for disguising a message by replacing its letters with other letters or numbers or by shuffling them, and share it on your blog or other social media accounts. Have people in the class try and figure out your cipher and see how long it takes them!” This assignment was a pretty fun one, and goes well with the secret agent theme!

I decided to go with a pretty simple code. Can you figure it out? I just used the following letter of each letter… b for a, c for b, etc. Even though it’s a simple code, it still looks pretty confusing to me!

Here’s the key to my secret code.

As you can see, my secret message was “Digital Storytelling is pretty cool!” I wanted to have a key for my code, so I Googled “create a cipher” and found this tool. I found it very convenient for keeping things organized!

This assignment was a fun reminder of the different secret codes I used to make with my siblings and friends when we were younger and would send each other secret messages. It’s not something I have gotten to experiment with lately, so this assignment was a fun reminder of my spy days 🙂

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  1. Caitlin Holt

    Wow! This is so cool. I love how you made the title a secret code! It really made me want to figure out what is happening. This is something I would definitely want to try sometime!

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