As mentioned in a previous post, Mia loves watching all kinds of movies. However, secret agent movies are her favorite! She likes watching both the Mission Impossible and Bourne movies. Not because they are true to life, but because they differ so much from what her life as a secret agent is like! She thinks it’s interesting to see what everyone’s perception of the secret agent lifestyle is.

The “Movie Mashup” assignment was to “Take a movie that you really like. Now think of a movie that has been compared to it, and make a new movie poster that incorporates the two!”

For this assignment, I went with two movie series that Mia really likes watching. I looked up posters for the Bourne Identity, then found a picture of a poster without text. Then used Canva to add the lines found in the original picture along with text. For the text, I found the same (or a very similar) font as the one on the original Bourne poster. I inserted the words “Mission Impossible” and lined them up correctly. The final product ended up looking like a real movie poster! I also did a tutorial on my process for this assignment that you can find here.