For my final assignment this week, I created my own assignment! This is the first time I have done this. It was super easy to do and fun! I hope that other people will use and enjoy the assignment that I created.

The assignment, which I titled “Favorite Moments in College,” prompts the reader to “Create a video using some of your favorite pictures/videos that you have taken while in school this year! Add a wide variety of pictures from throughout the year. Make sure to add some music to the video before you post it!”

I created this assignment because I thought it would be something that people would enjoy completing, while still allowing them to learn new video editing skills. To complete the assignment, I went through all of my pictures that I had taken starting in august and picked out some of my favorites. I downloaded them and made them into a video using the video editing software on my computer. I added some background music from this site and then I was done! I uploaded the video to YouTube. You can watch the final product below! It makes me happy to watch because it brings back some great memories.