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A Very Important Message from the Prince of Nigeria

I’m sure we’ve all received some weird spam, whether it be an urgent email from a fake credit card company, or a job offer for 10k a week. The instructions for the “Taking Back Spam” assignment were to “Find some spam. Could be email spam, could be comment spam, whatever you want. Read it aloud. Make it your own. Try to make sense of it or make it more absurd than it already is.”

I decided to go with a classic… an email from the Prince of Nigeria. I found a spam email and recorded a dramatic reading of it on this site. Then I uploaded the clip to Audacity. I then went to CC Search and found a music clip that I thought would go along well with my recording. I trimmed both clips and turned the sound down a bit for the background music. Then I saved the mp3 file to my computer and uploaded the clip to Soundcloud. You can listen to the final product below!

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  1. Brandon

    That’s a pretty well-written spam email. I’m going to use this prompt to read out a spam email my dad got the other day that was horrendously written, it gave us a good laugh for sure.

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