I had a lot of fun this week with the different assignments that I chose. Photography is something that I have always enjoyed, but have not spent a lot of time working on. It was nice to improve my skills doing something that I have been wanting to focus on more.

I started off the week by reading “Becoming a Better Photographer” and “Photography and Narrative.” I thought that both articles set me up really well for the assignments that I had to complete throughout the week. I wrote a photo reflection post that evaluated my different experiences with photography and made me think about the different things I wanted to learn and accomplish.

Using the concepts from those same articles, I wrote a post where I identified some of the different points that they talked about and considered how they changed their storytelling impact.

I also completed a photoblitz, where I had 20 minutes to take 7 different photos that I was given prompts for. It was a fun way to get a little out of my comfort zone and have a new photography experience.

I completed 5 different visual assignments this week. The first assignment I completed had me take a picture every 10 steps and make a collage out of them. For the second assignment I compiled some pictures of places where I feel peaceful and relaxed and made a collage out of them. The third assignment had me create a mashup of three different secret agents. I got to use the character I created last week for the fourth assignment. For the fifth assignment, I shared and talked about my favorite photo I’ve ever taken.

Two out of three of the daily creates this week had me draw sketches, which isn’t something I’m entirely comfortable with. But just like in previous weeks, I was grateful for the push to step out of my comfort zone!

In response to the questions of the week, I was inspired by all the people in the class who are stepping out of their comfort zone and being creative! It’s so interesting to see all the different ways that people will complete the same assignment. I also really appreciate everyone getting into the theme. It’s definitely a fun class thing that would be weird if you were the only one doing it.

This week I tried to go above and beyond what was required of me for the assignments. I know that it easy to fall into the trap of doing the bare minimum for the assignments, but I think you get a lot more out of them if you really put in the work. I know that for me personally, I like being able to look back on the work that I have completed and feel proud. Hopefully others in the class will see the effort that I am putting toward my assignments and be inspired to continue doing their best work as well.

This week was a really enjoyable one for me. I love that the week we focused on photography lined up perfectly with the gorgeous weather outside! It was nice to be able to complete some of my assignments in the fresh air. I have also enjoyed reading other people’s blogs on a regular basis and keeping up with them throughout the weeks. This class feels a lot different than other online classes I’ve taken, which I really appreciate. It was fun to see other people’s pictures from around campus. I am really looking forward to next week and all of the new things I will continue to learn!