The “This Is My Story” assignment was to “Tell a short story using flashcard and record yourself. It can be something funny, sad, or just even express how your day was. “

This assignment put me at 12 stars, which was two over the required amount for the week. I decided to tell a story from the perspective of my character, Mia. You can read some background on her here. I chose to use an average morning from her life and give the viewer a taste of what it’s like to be both a librarian and a secret agent.

The first thing I did for this assignment was come up with a story and write it on flashcards. I just wrote as I came up with it, and it turned out to be easier than I was expecting to put together a story. Throughout the semester, I’ve definitely gotten better at using my character and working with the course theme.

Next I recorded myself flipping through the cards. This was hard to do, since my laptop screen showed me the cards backwards, which made it hard to judge how long I was supposed hold each card up. However, I managed to time it pretty well.

Then I edited the video using VideoPad Video Editor. I muted the volume of my recording and added a background song that I got from this website. I also added closing credits to the end of the video. You can see part of the editing process below.

After I finished editing, I downloaded the video to my computer and then uploaded it to YouTube. The finished product is below.