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Shadows Pass and Light Shines

This week, we were supposed to do three daily creates and then tie them together in a story. At first I was a little confused about how this was going to work. The daily creates are often pretty unusual and don’t really have anything to do with each other. However, after I posted all three, I realized that there was something I could use to tie them together. I probably could have other weeks too, but I’ve never paid attention to how the stories I was telling through my daily creates were connected.

This story starts out with a girl who felt hopeless and alone in the shadows, unsure if her life had a purpose. Then one day, something changed. There was a spark inside of her, a new hope that things would be okay.

With this new hope, she decided to live her life to the full, enjoying every moment and rejoicing in the beauty of the mundane.

She used this renewed passion for life to help people, finding that only through serving others could she experience true joy and light. She wouldn’t let her past define her, but would instead use her experiences to encourage others to step out of the shadows and experience the magnificence of life.

A Green Adventure

The “Color Walk Time Lines”assignment was to “Choose a color and then take 20 minute walk in which you take a 5-8 pictures of the color as you encounter it. Then upload the photos to Flickr and create a time line using TimeLine JS.”

I decided to go with the color green (in celebration of spring, even though the weather doesn’t feel like it). I grabbed my phone and walked around campus, taking pictures of different things that were green. I also got some weird looks… I guess it’s not normal to be taking picture of random plants.

Once I took all the pictures, I uploaded them to Flickr. I had never used it before, but it was really easy to set an account up and to upload the pictures. After that, I followed the TimeLine JS tutorial. It was a little confusing to follow the instructions and use Google sheets to make the timeline, but it turned out pretty cool in the end! I bet there’s a ton of other stuff you can do with Google sheets that most people don’t know about.

I wasn’t able to embed the final product, but here is the link to the timeline I created.

See Ya Later USA

The “Create Your Dream Vacation On Pinterest!”assignment was to make a Pinterest board about some wishful travel plans, pin a solid number of things to it, and then write a brief summary of the desired trip. I decided that I wanted to travel around Europe. This is actually something that I’ve put a lot of thought into, and I think I have a pretty good chance of it coming true.

I am hoping to study abroad through UMW next year, and I am planning on taking classes somewhere in Europe (England maybe?) and traveling on the weekends. I think that this is an amazing opportunity to travel and really be a part of different cultures, all at a fairly low cost. When else in my life will I have such an amazing opportunity?

I am hoping to travel all around Europe, so there would definitely be some language barriers. I speak a little bit of French, so I might be able to figure that out, but it will be up to Google Translate for the rest of it!

Just doing this assignment got me so excited about my future travel plans! Here is the link to the board that I created. Looking at the board makes me want to go right away!

For Sale!

When I first saw the web storytelling assignment, I was pretty nervous. There were so many words and it looked so confusing! Once I downloaded the Mozilla X-Ray Goggles tool, I realized that it was actually going to be easier than I thought. I originally was planning on doing a post on eBay, but realized that the vast amount of information that eBay has for each item would be too confusing to work with. Instead, I decided to alter the content of a Craigslist page.

First I changed the top of of the page, which had previously shown the location/topics that led me to the page, into a welcome for a site specifically for secret agent swaps! I decided that Mia (my character who is both a secret agent and a librarian) would try to sell some of her books on a special secret agent version of Craigslist. She has collected quite a few over the years, but is moving to a different apartment as a result of some highly classified missions that are coming her way. Below is her listing.

Here is a link to the listing. Changing online code was so much easier than I thought it would be. This made me think about how easy it could be for anyone to go online and alter information. I have a feeling this is how a lot of false news articles/tweets/headlines are spread online. The fact that people can edit things so easily is kind of scary! However, I had a lot of fun with this assignment. It was interesting to be able to tell a story based on the existing information of a previous story.

Week 8 Summary

This week ended up being a lot more enjoyable than I had expected! Creating a radio show was a lot of fun, and allowed me to experiment with the audio skills that I have learned so far. My group mates and I worked really well together and created a final product that I am proud of. I wrote this blog post explaining some of the details behind our show being created.

We didn’t have any star assignments this week, but I did complete a couple of daily creates. You can see them below.

And last but definitely not least… the radio show! This was a group project that I was a little skeptical of at first, but it ended up being a good experience! I ended up with great group members, and we together chose a theme for the show that I thought was really interesting. I am happy with our final product, and can’t wait for it to be played on ds106 radio next week!

Radio Show… Week 2!

This week was all about using the ideas that we have brainstormed in the previous weeks and putting them all together! Since my last radio show post, my group mates and I decided to look at different eras of secret agent music. We split it in to older classics, newer classics, and new music. Each of us decided to use 2-3 songs in our segment of the show.

We communicated through Google sheets, which worked pretty well! We were able to discuss what we wanted the show to sound like and to give each other comments and critiques as we created our individual segments. We made sure to include all of the required bumpers and commercials. We also made a spreadsheet with the different music we had chosen to make sure there was no overlap. Many possibilities were discussed to prevent soundcloud from blocking our show based on copyright. We went with a mix of covers and song clips to try to keep our show online.

I focused on music from the early 2000s and beyond. I picked songs from 3 different movies. I used audacity to clip the songs and create a show by combining different audio elements that I had recorded with songs clips/bumpers/commercials. In total, I used 13 different audio clips to create my part of the show! I’m pretty comfortable with audacity at this point, and it was fun to use all the skills I’ve learned in the previous weeks.

We shared all of our individual work in our Google sheet before putting it all together. Our radio show ended up being about 30 minutes. At the beginning of this project, I wondered how we would possibly have enough content for a whole radio show. Turns out, we could definitely have made it a lot longer! I am proud of the final product, and hope that people will enjoy listening to it. You can find the completed radio show below.

Week 7, Check!

This week was a crazy one for me, with projects in multiple classes as well as midterms and other commitments. As I mentioned in my post for the first week of the radio show, I was pretty hesitant about this group project. However, I ended up being pleasantly surprised and am actually looking forward to continuing this project.

Along with getting to know my group mates and planning out our radio show, I created a poster to advertise the show. I also completed 3 different audio assignments and surpassed the required stars. I was able to use two out of the three assignments toward the required work for the radio show, so that was nice. For the first assignment, I created a radio bumper for the show. The second assignment was to create a commercial for the radio show. For the third assignment, I created a place using just sounds.

Along with closely following the work of my group members, I also viewed and commented on other radio show blogs. Another thing that I did this week was 3 daily creates.

I am excited to continue working toward our final radio show!

Radio Show… Week 1!

I was pretty hesitant as we started the radio show project. I’m sure all of us have had some bad experiences with group projects. Since this was a group project for an online course, I have to admit that I was expecting the worst. However, things have been going great so far! My group mates and I have been communicating well and often, weighing the pros and cons of different ideas, and working to split up the work evenly.

For our show, we will be listening to and talking about music from different spy flicks. We will be discussing our favorite songs and giving the audience information about them. We are also going to look into having some kind of story thread running throughout and relating to our characters. We have already created 3 bumpers and 3 commercials for our show, so it’s definitely coming together.

Throughout the next two weeks, we will be discussing and confirming the list of songs that we want to talk about the and kind of commentary that we want to have. I think this project will be a challenging one, but also very interesting! I look forward to creating our final project.

Where Am I?

The “Create a Place” assignment was to “Create a place by just using sound. For example, make the listener know where they are if outside use birds, cars, etc.”

I decided to create a farmyard scene. I used to find lots of different sounds, such as a rooster, birds, chickens, etc., and overlapped and cut them using Audacity. I think it’s pretty easy to tell what the place I created was by just listening to it. You can listen below!

Radio Show Commercial

The “DS106 Radio Commercial” assignment was to “Create a commercial featuring an item that you have invented that would be extremely useful to your favorite movie or TV Show character. Try to be as creative and abstract as possible. Must include sound effects or background music and be at least 20 seconds in length.”

I decided to use this assignment toward the required radio show work for the week. I created a commercial to be played on the radio station that I am working on. The commercial is done by my character, Mia, who encourages people (especially secret agents) to check out their local library!

I created the commercial using Audacity and I chose music that seemed to fit the mood of the commercial. You can listen to the finished product below.

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