The first step that I took toward visualizing Taylor Swift’s music videos was to download the YouTube videos. I did this through Command Prompt by using youtube-dl. Once the videos were downloaded, I used FFMPEG to extract frames from the videos. This was a more complicated process than I was expecting. We practiced extracting the frames in class, and I thought I remembered the process, but it turns out that I didn’t. I failed to extract the frames many times before realizing that I needed to be very specific with the code that I used. Once I figured this out, it was pretty easy to extract the rest of the frames, although it was very time consuming.

Once I had all the frames extracted, I used IMJ to generate various barcodes, montages, and plots. I thought it was pretty fun to watch them generate in front of my eyes! I decided to extract a barcode, a barcode showing only the average colors, a montage, and a plot from each video. This took quite a bit of time. I had trouble saving some of the images after I generated them, but I solved this problem by taking screenshots when I needed to. I will share the generated images in my next post.