In the time since my last post, I have begun to work on my project. After going through many billboard top 100 lists and starting to compile images, I realized that my goals for this project were way too big. It was taking me hours to download the images, and I was ending up with much fewer images than I wanted. As opposed to thousands of images, I was spending hours trying to download mere hundreds.

I decided to switch the theme of my project. I am still doing the methodology module, but I came up with a new idea. People always talk about Taylor Swift and her evolution throughout the years from a young country star to a more mature pop artist. I had the idea to look at her most popular music video from each of her six albums. I will compare them and see how the videos change throughout the years. Most people consider her music to be darker and more mature than it used to be, so I will see if this is obvious in her music videos.