Although it took me awhile to figure out what to do for the methodology module, I am very happy with the project I ended up choosing. As I explained in my first post, I decided to the the image visualization module. My original plan for this was to look at a series of movies, then I changed it to covers from billboard top 100 songs. Neither of these plans worked out, so I decided to change things up again. As I explained in my second post, I chose to look at Taylor Swift songs, planning to eventually focus on how her music videos have changed over the years along with her own personal evolution. In my third post, I explained the process of downloading, extracting, and visualizing the different music videos. My fourth post contained the resulting images that I created using the frames from the videos.

I have enjoyed working on this project so far, although it has been frustrating at times. Extracting frames and generating images is definitely time consuming. I am looking forward to continuing the project by using the information I have learned throughout this module to further explore and analyze my findings by hand-coding my own website.