My favorite movie quote is from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The instructions for the “Favorite Movie Quote” assignment were to “Choose one of your favorite movie quotes and insert the quote over an image from the movie you chose.” I absolutely love the Lord of the Rings, but this is a quote not found in any of the books. It was created for the first Hobbit movie.

I think that this quote is an important reminder that we don’t need to be rich or powerful to make a difference. Each of us has our own gifts, and just by spreading kindness and love we are able to change the world around us for the better.

I created this image with Canva. I found the movie still on this site. I wish that I had found the site the week that we did photography, since it has thousands of stills from all sorts of different movies. It’s definitely a great resource for the future. I uploaded the still to Canva and added the text, making sure that I quoted the movie correctly. I experimented with fonts and placement before finalizing my creation, which you can see below.