This week was a great learning experience for me. Unlike the other things that we focused on previous weeks, I had never experimented with design. I started off the week by reading “The Vignelli Canon.” and the article A Kid’s Guide to Graphic Design by Iconic Designer Chip Kidd. These were great design resources and prompted me to think about design in a new way. I wrote this blog post as a reflection on the articles and my experience with design.

Throughout the week, I completed a design blitz, which prompted me to look for different aspects of design around me. I also did 12 stars worth of design assignments. For the first assignment, I created a bumper sticker for my character Mia. I did a character related post for my second assignment as well, where I created an invitation for a movie night she was having. For my third assignment, I talked about my favorite movie quote and designed an image that incorporated it. My fourth assignment involved designing a postcard. All of these assignments involved being creative in ways that I haven’t been before. I think that the different aspects of design I learned will be extremely beneficial for future projects.

Below are the four daily creates that I did this week.

I really enjoyed building on the skills learned through past weeks’ assignments to design things this week. Design is something that I haven’t explored much in the past, but I think learning about different aspects of design is important and will be helpful in the future. I’m glad that I had the opportunity this week to experiment with it more!