The “Create Your Dream Vacation On Pinterest!”assignment was to make a Pinterest board about some wishful travel plans, pin a solid number of things to it, and then write a brief summary of the desired trip. I decided that I wanted to travel around Europe. This is actually something that I’ve put a lot of thought into, and I think I have a pretty good chance of it coming true.

I am hoping to study abroad through UMW next year, and I am planning on taking classes somewhere in Europe (England maybe?) and traveling on the weekends. I think that this is an amazing opportunity to travel and really be a part of different cultures, all at a fairly low cost. When else in my life will I have such an amazing opportunity?

I am hoping to travel all around Europe, so there would definitely be some language barriers. I speak a little bit of French, so I might be able to figure that out, but it will be up to Google Translate for the rest of it!

Just doing this assignment got me so excited about my future travel plans! Here is the link to the board that I created. Looking at the board makes me want to go right away!