This week, I continued to plan out my final project and began preparing to work with the various kinds of media that I will need. For the project, I will be using my character, Mia, who has recently been given the mission of recruiting and training new ds106 students.

I will use design skills to create posters advertising ds106 and its many benefits. I will also create an audio production, giving many tips and tricks to future students to help them succeed in the class. I will also design a poster with a summary of my tips. I will write a blog post summarizing the many helpful things that ds106 teaches students, and give examples of projects that might be completed. All of this will be done in character.

I definitely have a lot of work cut out for myself! I have already started working on multiple projects, but I will wait to share them until next week. Until then, I look forward to continuing my final project. I can’t believe there’s only one week of ds106 left!