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In my humble opinion, the movie Casablanca is a cinematic masterpiece. Watching this movie feels so deliberate. Every conversation, every shadow, every sound. It all comes together to tell a breathtaking story with very few fancy cinematic elements that are often seen in popular movies. Less is more in this movie, and there are so many things to be learned from the cinematography throughout.

For my video essay, I chose to analyse the scene where Rick and Sam are sitting the empty nightclub and talking. I recorded myself talking while I watched the muted video in the background. Then I trimmed the sound a bit and edited both the movie clip and my audio response with the video editor on my computer. I left the sound of the movie playing very softly in the background of the essay. I think it added to what I was saying, especially at the end of the clip when the music starts.

I am not used to “reading” movies this way, but after reading and watching the various videos and articles that were assigned this week, I understood better what I was supposed to do. Usually when thinking about if a movie is good or not, I think about the acting and the plot. This assignment had us try something different, and to look at some other elements that make effective scenes. In my essay, I talk about things such as lighting/shadows and camera angles. You can watch the full video below.

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  1. Paul

    Great choice. What makes a story good, in large part, is the way the author uses the languages of the medium. As you point out here, lighting is part of it, subtle but very important. Great insights.

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