Mission: Recruit and train new DS106 students

Assigned to: Secret Agent Mia Holmes

Status: Complete

This is Mia Holmes, reporting on my previously assigned mission to recruit and train new DS106 students. This mission has been long and hard, but I have successfully managed to capture the essence of DS106 and turn it into various recruitment and training tools.

You can see the first part of my mission below, in the poster I created that covers various reasons why people should join DS106

The second part of my mission was to create an audio production. In this production, I talked about the value of taking DS106 and gave new students some tips and tricks for success.

For the third part of my mission, I turned the mains points from the audio production into an informational poster. This poster contains what I consider some of the most important things to know when you are starting DS106.

For the fourth part of my mission, I wrote a post talking about some of the different skills learned in DS106, and gave some examples of assignments that I had completed.

I am glad that I took DS106 in the past. If I hadn’t, I’m not sure how I could have completed this mission. As I said various times throughout the different projects that I did, DS106 teaches many valuable skills that are applicable for many occupations.