The “You’re Invited!” assignment was to “Make an invitation for any event, whether it occur or not. Pick an event from a movie even! What does the invitation say about the event? Get creative.” I decided to tie my character Mia in with this assignment.

Mia doesn’t have a lot of time to spend on herself, since she is both a librarian and a secret agent. This results in her not being able to spend much time with her friends. However, this week she had a pretty light workload, so she decided to get together with some of her friends. She is throwing a movie and paint night at her house.

I used Canva to create the invitation. Previously, I have only used invitations with a template, which requires almost no work. This was the first time I’ve ever designed an invitation from scratch.

As I was designing, I tried to keep in mind what I wanted the invitation to say about the event. I used different design concepts such as minimalism, symbolism, and typography. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out! Maybe next time I need an invitation I will design it myself. You can see the final product below.