Hey everyone! Mia Holmes here. Way back in the day, before I was a secret agent, I was a student. As a student, I took a class called Digital Storytelling, or DS106. This class taught me many valuable lessons that improved my digital skills.

When I first joined the class, I had limited technology skills. I knew how to do basic things, but I didn’t even have much practice with simple design. I had almost no experience with video and audio. By the end of the class, I was confident in using various types of digital media to tell stories. Below are some different projects I completed during my time in DS106 and brief summaries of what I learned.

The above image is from a photo challenge that I completed. I was supposed to take a picture every 10 steps and make a collage out of them. This assignment was completed during the photography week. That week, I learned various photography concepts and was able to apply them to multiple assignments. I thought that I knew quite a bit about photography when I started that week, but I learned a lot of new skills that were very helpful!

The above audio clip is from the week that I focused on audio production. I knew absolutely nothing about experimenting with audio before the class, so it was totally new for me. The resources I was given were extremely helpful, and I learned so much about audio production that week. The above assignment told the story of what my mornings sound like.

Design week was very helpful for me, since I was planning a party that week! I used my new design skills to create the above invitation for my party. Design skills are something that I have used over and over again since I completed the class.

Something that I was very nervous about when I started the class was the group project. For the project, we had to create a radio show using the various skills we had learned in past weeks. A few of my fellow secret agents and I worked on the project, and it ended up being a lot of fun! You can listen to the full show above. This project was a great use of the skills we had been learning in the previous weeks.

The above assignment is one that I completed for the week that I focused on video production. It’s a video of my shoes and the different places that they go throughout the day. Before the class, I had no experience with video editing. However, video editing is an extremely important skill to have, and I am glad that I have a greater understanding of video production now.

The above image is a mashup of two of my favorite movies, “Mary Poppins” and “E.T.” I completed a week of mashup and remix assignments for DS106, and got to experiment with using a lot more photo editing software. Once again, I found that I learned many valuable skills that I have continued to use in other areas of my life.

Those are just a few examples of the many assignments that I completed and skills that I gained during my time as a DS106 student. The knowledge that I gained from the class has continued to be extremely helpful throughout my career as a secret agent, and would be helpful for any occupation.