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If You Had a Radio Show, What Would It Be?

After all of the work I have done this week, I am looking forward to being part of a group and creating our own radio show! I really enjoyed learning different skills throughout the week and being able to use them in my assignments. I think the radio show will be a fun way to take the knowledge I have now and use it towards something. Here is an idea I’ve thought about for the show.

I have a record called James Bond 007: 13 Original Themes. As the title suggests, the record contains the theme songs from the original James Bond movies. Below are pictures of the vinyl.

I thought it might be interesting to talk about the way that soundtracks influence movies. We could talk about the James Bond soundtracks or music from any secret agent movie. I thought we could talk about how music influences stories and about the fact that people often associate a story with a song. It would be interesting to compare movies and soundtracks and see if the feel/meaning of movies would be changed if their soundtracks were different. We could also talk about the significance of past movie soundtracks and the impact that music has on people.

This is just one idea that I’ve thought about. I’m sure there are a lot of other great ideas out there, but this is one that I wouldn’t mind considering.

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  1. Paul

    It’s cool that you have vinyl. The soundtrack idea could be interesting. It might make for a nice experiment to take a dialogue scene and underlay different music to see how it changes it.

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