The “Everyday Modern Marvels” assignment was to”Create a quick video based on the same theme as TV shows such as Modern Marvels or How Its Made. Film yourself assembling something basic (such as a sandwich) and then overlay an audio track describing each step. Make sure to hit each step, of assembly, when voicing over the film.”

For this assignment, I decided to assemble one of my favorite snacks. Living in a dorm with no kitchen makes things pretty limited as far as food goes, but I am able to make rice cakes. You’d be surprised at all the different ways there are to make a rice cake, such as peanut butter and banana, avocado, and pizza toppings. For the video, I decided to make a peanut butter, honey, and cinnamon rice cake.

This video was definitely one of the more complicated ones that I have made. I started out by assembling all of the ingredients and videoing myself with my phone set on my desk hutch. Things didn’t go perfectly in the video… I had trouble using three of the ingredients! Once the video was done, I muted the audio (my roommate and one of our friends talking in the background). I then recorded a voice over while I watched the muted video.

I uploaded the video and audio to VideoPad Video Editor. I had to cut and move the audio around a bit to get it to match the video. Then I added some music from this website to play quietly in the background. I also added both an opening title sequence and closing credits. You can see part of my editing process below.

After I was finished editing, I downloaded the video to my computer and then uploaded it to YouTube. I have seen countless tutorial videos on YouTube before, but I never realized how complicated it was to make even a simple one! I definitely have a new appreciation for YouTubers. You can watch the finished video below.