The instructions for the “Destination Post Card” assignment were to “Create a destination postcard using any design software of your choice. Start by choosing an image from a location and put some some words over the image just like a postcard.”

For this assignment, I chose a picture that I took in Dongguan, China last summer. It was taken in Keyuan Garden, which is a place full of beautiful architecture and scenery right in the middle of a city. It was definitely one of the highlights of my time in China, and is a place that I wish I could have taken friends and family to explore.

To make the postcard, I uploaded the image to Canva. I used asymmetrical balance to decide where to put the words and chose a font that was a good match for a postcard. This was a fairly easy assignment to do, but it made me think a lot about design and why postcards are made the way that they are and what makes a good one. You can see the final product below.