Mia enjoys a wide variety of different movies. She’s just as happy to watch a thriller as a rom-com (although she has a soft spot for spy movies!) If she had to choose her five favorite movies, “Mary Poppins” and “E.T.” would both be on the list. This is interesting, since both of those movies have characters that come from the sky.

The “This Doesn’t Belong Here” assignment was to “Mash up two different iconic movie scenes. However, you should aim to be as subtle as possible. Perhaps a famous prop that simply doesn’t belong or a character that looks a little out of place.”

In honor of Mia’s favorites, I decided to mashup a famous scene from E.T. and a famous prop from Mary Poppins. I chose the scene where Elliott and E.T. are riding the bicycle through the sky and pass in front of the moon, along with the umbrella that Mary Poppins carries. I found both pictures online and uploaded them to Canva, where I designed the image.

I tried to do it in a way that looked believable, and I think I succeeded! If you didn’t know what the original picture looked like, nothing about the image would look unusual. This assignment would have been challenging to me in the past, but with all the skills I have learned in this class, it was pretty fun!