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Blitz 2.0

I was happy to see at the beginning of the week that we were assigned another blitz. The photography blitz was a lot of fun, and I definitely learned a lot about photography through it. The design blitz was a little different, since it had us take pictures throughout the week instead of all at once. Before I started, I read through the design resources page and learned a lot about the different concepts of design. I referred to this page throughout the week as I took pictures and looked for examples of the concepts in designs. The four concepts I chose to photograph and discuss are color, form/function/message, metaphors/symbols, and typography.

The first concept that I found was color. In the above picture, both the absence of color and the use of bold color are used to draw attention to key elements and get the message across. The color in this photo also creates a mood that helps to tell a story.

The second example I found was a door in the HCC that was a bad example of form/function/message in a design. As you can see, the door has a handle, which usually gives the message that the door is supposed to be pulled. However, it is a push door. It was designed badly enough that they needed to put a sticker on the door informing people that it is supposed to be pushed. I’m sure that many people still try to pull it open every day.

The third design that I chose used metaphors/symbols. The use of the picture behind the message causes people to think about recycling as a way of saving or taking care of the planet. This is a great tactic to encourage people to recycle.

The fourth design I focused on was a bad example of typography. There are so many fonts used on this flyer that the reader has no idea where to look. Typography can definitely be used to get a message across, but the extremely random and varied look of this flyer only serves to confuse.

This design blitz was a creative and interesting way to learn more about design. I put a lot more thought into the different designs around me this week, noticing stuff that I never have before. I haven’t thought much before about the individual concepts of design, so this was a great way to learn something new.

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  1. Caitlin Holt

    These are really great pictures! They are great examples of different design principles. My favorite is probably the bad example of form/function/message with the door haha

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