I still can’t believe that this was the final week of DS106! I have to say that I am relieved. This class has been a lot of work! However, I am glad that I decided to take it. I have gained so many valuable skills that I will continue to use in various aspects of my life.

For my final project, I completed a mission as my character, Mia. The mission was to recruit and train new DS106 students. I did this by using various medias (audio, design, writing, etc.) to create different promotional and educational materials. As I completed the project, I realized how far I have come in DS106. For the one assignment in particular, where I looked back over some of the work that I had done, I realized the vast amount of information and skills that I have gained. You can find the final project here!

This has been a great class, and I have appreciated all the things I learned, along with the fact that it took me out of my comfort zone and got me to try new things. I am definitely better at expressing myself creatively online than I was before I started. DS106 #4life!