The goal of this assignment was to take the recordings of questions that I was given and answer them with my own video responses, interview style. I had to respond to seven of the questions in the interview. I was given quite a few options for the questions a could choose, but narrowed it down to seven and downloaded the video questions to my computer.

I then recorded my seven responses on my phone. I was surprised by how quickly I was able to respond to most of them! While something like this would have been really intimidating a few months ago, I think this class has really brought out my creative side. It wasn’t hard for me at all to put myself into the shoes of my character and to answer the questions.

Once I recorded all the responses, I uploaded both the question and response videos to the video editor on my computer. I spliced them all together and made sure that everything flowed smoothly. I then saved the video to my computer and uploaded it to YouTube. You can watch the final product below.