Hello Everyone,

Last summer, I had the incredible opportunity to travel to China and volunteer through an organization called Bring Me Hope. This non-profit organization is dedicated to improving the lives and futures of Chinese orphans and focuses on loving and defending them by holding summer camps and searching for potential adoptive families. I had the privilege of serving at the camp in Dongguan.

The time I spent in China was the hardest two weeks of my life, but absolutely the most important and meaningful. I believe that every life has value. No matter who you are, you are worthy to be loved. The future isn’t bright for kids living in an institutionalized orphanage. These children are forgotten by the rest of the world, pushed aside while we go about our daily lives. They need people to be their voice, fight for them, and give them hope. The kids I had the privilege of working with were so smart and strong and had so much potential. No one deserves to be forgotten. I hope that I can be a voice for those children, and that some day, they will be able to experience the love and care that they so deserve. The work that Bring Me Hope is doing is incredible and gives these kids hope for the future. I am so honored to be able to work with them.

I am thrilled to announce that I will be returning to China for two weeks this summer to serve at a camp in Zhengzhou. Just like last summer, I will be paired with a child and translator each week of camp. Throughout the week, each child will be able to explore new experiences in a safe environment. They will be empowered and shown unconditional love for the first time in their lives. When camp is over, Bring Me Hope does an amazing job of continuing to advocate for the children’s needs and helping them find adoptive families.

I would love your support as I prepare for this summer. First, would you be willing to pray? There are three different things that you can pray for specifically.

  1. Pray that the children coming to camp will be impacted and know the love of Christ.
  2. Pray for safe travels, good health, and lots of energy for all the volunteers.
  3. Pray that the translators, usually Chinese college students, will see Christ through their interactions with the volunteers and experiences with the children.

I will be in China from July 5th-July 20th. The cost for this trip is about $3000, which covers program costs, lodging, transportation, and food for the two weeks that I am in China. Would you be willing to support me financially? Each person that volunteers allows two or more kids to attend camp, so as you are donating to me you are also sending more children to camp. I will be accepting donations through various platforms:
Venmo- You can Venmo your donation to @kendallresnick.

Check- You can send a check written out to Kendall Resnick.

Facebook- I will be starting a Facebook fundraiser that you can donate through.

In person- I’ll be accepting cash or checks.

If have any questions or would even like to talk about my trip last summer, feel free to contact me. You can also learn more about the organization I am volunteering through at bringmehope.org. Thank you so much for your support! I am very excited for this summer and the impact that these camps will have on the lives of the kids that we will be serving.

Thanks and love,